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The Pelee Island Book House Writers’ Retreat is located on the East shore of the Island. Situated at the Canada/USA boundary between Sandusky, Ohio and Essex County, Ontario, Pelee Island feels a world away. It is the perfect setting for a retreat, renowned for its' birding, monarch migrations, sandy beaches, and serene beauty. When not reading or writing, participants can go for a bike ride to the lighthouse, or walk along the beach, collecting shells and rocks, listen to the birds, and enjoy the breeze from the lake.

Writing Retreats and residencies

Taking part in a Pelee Island writing retreat gives authors the opportunity to focus on their work, free of distraction. The retreat price includes accommodations, meals, and workshops, with the time and space needed to work on a manuscript, while benefiting from inclusion in a creative community. Each retreat offers writers the chance to work on their own and also take part in facilitated workshop sessions, which will combine group discussion and individual text critiques. The 7-day retreat will include two master classes, and the 5-day retreat will have one master class. The workshops will have a maximum participation of 10 students, with a minimum of 5 required for the workshop to take place.

Starting in fall 2017, weekend Book House Escapes will be offered. Participants will arrive Friday evening, the workshop and lunch will take place Saturday, and then everyone will go home Sunday after a satisfying breakfast. Pelee Island residents have the opportunity to take part in the Saturday workshop at a discounted price.

There are also one-week and two-week residencies available. The price includes accommodations and meals, but there will be no instructors or workshops. A self-directed residency is a low cost alternative if you just need time away to focus on your writing, and you will have plenty of time to write, read, walk, and explore the Island.

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