Accommodations at the Pelee Island Book House

The five upstairs bedrooms are themed around a particular author. Throughout the house there is plenty of room to spread out and find a private writing nook, with a large open concept kitchen and dining room, library, front porch, and airy sunroom. You can go outside and read under a shady tree, or take your laptop to the patio table overlooking the water. The Book House is a place writers can go to get away from the distractions of daily life.

More pictures are coming soon! The bedrooms are themed around a specific author that has ties to Windsor and Essex County, and in particular, to Pelee Island. 

Margaret Atwood Room
Graeme Gibson Room
Alistair MacLeod Room
Joyce Carol Oates Room
Nino Ricci Room

There are many other authors with a local connection, but there are only five bedrooms. The Book House walls will have photographs of these celebrated authors and prints of their book covers. If you would like to donate prints, posters, or books, please contact Dawn through the "contact" page. Authors so far included are: Di Brandt, Dani Couture, Marty Gervais, Barbara Gowdy, Wayne Grady, Kate Hargreaves, Phil Hall, Susan Holbrook, Marie Howe, Melanie Janisse, Dawn Marie Kresan, Jeff Lemire, Karen Lawrence, Daniel Lockhart, Alexander MacLeod, Dorothy Mahoney, Nicole Markotic, Micheline Maylor, Eugene McNamara, Mary Ann Mulhern, Jenny Sampirisi, Emily Schultz, Vanessa Shields, Laurie Smith, Robert Earl Stewart, Paul Vasey, Bronwen Wallace, Darryl Whetter. 


Open concept kitchen and dining room

Pelee Island Book House kitchen
Pelee Island Book House dining room

Living room and sunroom

Pelee Island Book House living room
Pelee Island Book House sunroom