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Pelee Island Book House
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"A place that Atwood has used to escape this thronged world, in order to create her own fictional worlds, has been a little island hidden away: Pelee Island, Ontario, right in Lake Erie in Canada’s most southern point. With a population of roughly 170, there is a small ferry that runs from the mainland and delivers you on this vineyard filled island. The biggest noise here comes from its bird population... “I have written on Pelee Island since 1987, so any book that has come out since then has been at least partly written on Pelee,” says Atwood, who has a cottage on the island. “It offers ‘time out’—time out of the usual appointments and activities—and also time out of internet connection, if you so desire.” And there is a larger community of creative minds – like Atwood – seeking exactly that: time out... The Pelee Island Book House accepts just a handful of writers every year ... where you can stay on the water and just write." 

Sunday June 4, 2017 The Columbus DisPatch

In "Ticket to Write: Pelee Island inn helps writers hone craft" Steve Stephens wrote "Pelee Island Book House is offering writers a chance to experience the Canadian island’s charms while honing their craft through a series of week-long writers’ retreats, with seminars conducted by celebrated authors including Atwood."

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Deb Dundas wrote an article for the Toronto Star, "Why Writers are Retreating to Windsor Region."

“Dawn had the idea to do a retreat on Pelee Island, which is a wonderful idea because there’s no movie theatre and your Wi-Fi reception is iffy so you are probably going to spend more time writing,” Atwood said in an interview at the idyllic setting. Two sunrooms at Book House overlook Lake Erie, the waves lapping at the shore nearby. Birdsong punctuates the quiet surroundings, a road beckons for a short walk to clear the head and stretch the legs. Comfortable sofas and reading nooks invite an afternoon of study or writing. During the retreat there are workshops and a public reading by the guest author and participants, where they have the chance to read in front of a friendly audience. 'You can socialize if you want to, but there’s no pressure to do that,' says Toronto poet and playwright David James Brock, who took part in the inaugural retreat. 'There’s a lot of quiet time to just work if you want to'.”              

SUNDAY APRIL 9, 2017 Chicago Tribune

A short informative article ran in the Chicago Tribune's travel section. The original article can be found here: 

This story was picked up by several affiliated papers.

MARCH 12, 2017 Sidney Daily News

"writers will enjoy plenty of peaceful time and space in which to work on their manuscripts, with the addition of hands-on workshop sessions led by renowned writers who bring expertise in a variety of genres... the relaxed pace and incredible natural backdrop of Pelee Island, along with the Book House's restful sandy beach front setting, provide the ideal environment for productive thinking."

September 1, 2016 Bustle

In the humorously entitled article "This Writer's Retreat with Margaret Atwood Sounds Like a Dream," Emma Oulton wrote a short piece about the Book House and the IndieGoGo campaign that helped launch it.

APRIL 31, 2016 mental floss

Take a Writer's Retreat in Canada with Margaret Atwood