pelee island book house 

PElee Island Book House

The Book House was founded in 2018 by Dawn Kresan, a resident of Essex County, who enjoyed visits to the island as a child. With its serene beauty, walking trails, and sandy beaches it is the perfect place for a writers' retreat.  Situated near the Canada/USA boundary between Sandusky, Ohio and Essex County, Ontario, Pelee Island is renowned for its birding and monarch migrations. When not reading or writing, participants can go for a bike ride to the lighthouse, visit the Pelee Island Winery, walk along the beach, or listen to the birds and enjoy the breeze off the lake. Pelee Island is home of the annual Springsong reading series, hosted by Margaret Atwood and Paul Vasey. During the summer there is the Island Unplugged music festival. Guests can also visit the Artworks artists’ outlet, where island crafters sell their work. Pelee is proud of its burgeoning arts community, and has been very supportive of The Book House.

The Book House offers weekend retreats, a 7-day writers intensive retreat, and residencies every spring and fall. This is when there is the best weather, and the island is quite and peaceful. There is lots of activity in the summer months, which is great for a family vacation, but not conducive to the writing experience. The lack of distractions is ideal for a retreat or residency.