pelee island book house writing Retreats


Instructors decide on the format of the workshops and they are all run a little different from each other. Some, but not all, will give personal critiques of your work, be open to group discussion, or give writing prompts and exercises.  In all instances the group will be small and questions are encouraged. More information as to how to prepare for the workshop you've enrolled in will be given closer to the retreat dates. Your tuition fees include accommodations, meals, and workshops. Each workshop will have between 6 and 12 writers. If there is not the sufficient enrolment of 6 participants, then the retreat will be cancelled. There are both shared and single rooms available. There are only two twin single rooms, so please apply early as they are usually the first to be booked. There are also larger rooms with either a single King bed or with 2-3 twin beds. Once an accepted submission is received, rooms are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Pelee Island residents will have the opportunity to participate in the workshop sessions, while staying at their own residence, for a reduced rate. This option is only available if enrolment has not reached capacity. 

Getting to Pelee Island

Ferry costs and booking times are at your own discretion. The ferry leaves from Leamington or Kingsville, Ontario, or from Sandusky, Ohio. If you want to bring your own car, then you must book well in advance. Walk on passangers can buy their ferry tickets right before boarding. Charter planes can be booked through the Griffing Flying Service. They leave from Windsor, Ontario, and Port Clinton, Ohio. Someone will be waiting for you at the Pelee Island docks or the airport to transport you to the Book House. If you brought your own car, then you can follow us there.