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Please specify who will be sharing a room with you. If you are applying on your own, then someone of the same sex will be placed with you. The shared bedrooms hold 2-3 people. There are also single occupant rooms available, with either a twin bed or a king bed. The single twin bedrooms are usually booked first. Please note that applicants are not in competition with each other, and if a suitable candidate applies than he/she will be accepted before the application due date. 

Travel and ferry costs are not included and booking times are at your own discretion. 13% tax will be added (HST #731121729 RT0001). All tuition fees are due upon your acceptance into the workshop. Tuition cannot be refunded due to your inability to attend, but can be transferred to another eligible candidate. If a suitable participant cannot be found then you can use 20% of the amount you paid towards a future retreat or residency. Refunds will only be given if the workshop you enrolled in is cancelled. E-transfer is our preferred form of payment. Personal cheques are also acceptable. If you pay by credit card or Paypal, the processing fees charged by these companies will be added to the amount you owe.

7-Day Writing retreat Fees

Retreats prices include accommodations, catered meals, and workshops. 7-day retreats have two workshops. Workshops are typically 4 hours long, although instructors have discretionary power on the topic, format, and length of their workshops. Additional activities, depending on booking dates, include bike rentals, yoga classes, island tours, wine tastings. These options are at an additional cost, and can be paid at the beginning of the retreat. You will be emailed about these options closer to the retreat dates. You will need to submit a CV and writing sample in order to be considered for this workshop. Please see instructions on "APPLY" page.

         (shared bedroom with twin beds)        $940
         (SINGLE  Bedroom with twin bed)          $1260                    
         (SINGLE  BEDROOM WITH KING BED)          $1580

Exclusive to Pelee Island residents:

          (two workshops and lunches)             $240


Your cost includes Friday and Saturday night accommodations, catered meals, and the Saturday workshop. You do NOT need to submit a CV and writing sample in order to participate for this workshop. Please see instructions on "APPLY" page.          

         (SHARED BEDROOM WITH TWIN BEDS)        $320
         (SINGLE  BEDROOM WITH TWIN BED)          $440                    
         (SINGLE  BEDROOM WITH KING BED)          $520

Exclusive to Pelee Island residents:

            (SATURDAY workshop and lunch)               $120 

7-Day self-directed writing REsidency fees

Residency fees include accommodations and catered meals. There are no workshops in a self-directed residency. Rooms are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Residencies will take place even if enrolment is low.  

          (shared bedroom with twin beds)        $600
          (single BEDROOM with twin bed)           $760
          (Single BEDROOM with king bed)            $940